Web Design

Starting right now, we are offering our Customers very competitive pricing for Web Design, with turn-around-time oriented prices.

Our Web Design uses off-shelf State Of The Art Software Tools from world renowned Software companies, and Debug and Testing on a Test Server before placing your Web Site "On the Air".

The first time we will reiterate with you on your Site Feed-Back, till you are satisfied with the results and we know what you expect from us.

We do not offer pre-designed Web Page formats, but start off with you from scratch, so what you see is what you wanted.

You might also give us your thoughts on your requirements and we will get back to you after analysing the possibilities and giving you our Feed-Back. Of course your ideas always remain your implied Copyright.

So, we invite you to send us your ideas and let us set something up for you to view. Please bear in mind that our main Web Design strategy is "KISS". Id est: "Keep It Simple Simon". This intrinsically means that with our Design, your Customers or Viewers will not get batted with high Communication costs, because fancy Web Sites require a heavy load = cost of Viewer Communication Bandwidth, say little and get poor Results = Business

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