Some History

This System was Engineered by an ingenious Team of Entrepreneurs at DEMAG, a company which has since gone through various name changes, and is now the Dematic AG.

1. At the same Company - when at the same time I engineered the World's first Computer Controlled Conveyor System - Please visit my main Web Site Pages here for details- this Team engineered the Cabin Taxi System "CAT" as it was called at that time.

They went on a long haul engineering effort to perfect an Individual Transport System, which took over 10 years in the making and millions of Dollars of private and public investment in the process.

But in the end, they successfully realised a Futuristic System, which could be presented to the public at large.

The Team was headed by a Visionary by the name of Dr. Becker and I admire this man for his engineering prowess.

Alas, Human Beings being as they are - envious, non-visionary and short sighted - some individuals in the Company and at large torpedoed this magnificient System and it underwent a period of strife.

We almost "hit" the first Project in Hamburg, when it was literally "stopped in its tracks" by certain entities at government and other levels.

But we will not relent and my "Holy Grail" is my intent to re-incarnate the System which we - Dr. Becker and I - believe still is the most Revolutionary Individual Oriented Transport Sytem ever engineered in Germany.

On so on we go !Synopsis-1

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