Our Technology Firsts

Our Technology Firsts In The Industry

Our Technology Firsts Since 1973

  • We designed and built
  • the worlds first
  • Computer Controlled Conveyor System for
  • The German Company Mannesmann-DEMAG, which was exhibited by the Company DEMAG-AG at the Hannover Industry Trade Fair in 1973
  • This System was completely engineered by us, using
  • Digital Equipment Corporation's (c)world most famous
  • PDP-8(c) 12 Bit Computer System.
  • DEC(c) did not have a RT-OS at that time, so;
  • ...We designed the The Real-Time Operating System and
  • the Conveyor Software Package to go with it.
  • ...We also designed the Hardware Interface to The PDP 8, using standard DEC Hardware and the Modules DEC offered at that time.
  • The ideas and technology we deployed for this system were used in the company's first projects, and are still in use as far as we know.
  • Thanks to DEC and our Engineering, we are proud to say that this was The World's .....
  • First Computer Controlled Conveyor System ... Of its time.
  • In the Nineties, we also engineered the first Software oriented RAID system in its
  • primary stages and offered it to be patented at the former Company Siemens-Nixdorf-AG.
  • We consider this also a first, since we used the ideas put forward by
  • Prof.Katz et al. from the University of California in Berkeley, USA,
  • which were published in the ACM SIGMOD Proceedings in June 1988;
  • and because we engineered and developed these ideas further
  • for Redundant Arrays of ANY Inexpensive Devices;
  • e.g. Hard Disks, DVDs, Disketts, Tapes etc., utilising the
  • Multiple Processing capabilities of the
  • MP Operating Systems and the MP oriented Systems of today, deploying Software Technology for
  • Fault Resilience and Redundancy.


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